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  • New Popular Edition Maps and Postcodes

    Offsite — Description New Popular Edition Maps plus postcode data submitted by users using the maps. Openness Two sets of data available Map scans themselves: Not open Access: fine (see <http://www.npemap.org.uk/FAQ.html#download> License: CC by-nc v2.5 (not open) Postcode database: Open License: Public domain Access: see download link
  • Administrative boundaries of Spain

    Offsite — Basic reference datasets for Spain. - Geodetic vertex - Administrative boundaries of Spain at scales 1:1,000,000, 1:200,000 AND 1:25,000 - A dataset of Spain at the scale 1:1,000,000
  • Placeopedia.com - Connecting Wikipedia articles with their locations

    Offsite — Description Geolocations for wikipedia articles. Openness: OPEN License: listed as CC by-sa 2.5 on <http://www.placeopedia.com/data/> Access: good. See <http://www.placeopedia.com/data/> bulk: [xml](http://www.placeopedia.com/data/all.xml), [rss](http://www.placeopedia.com/data/all.rss), [kml](http://www.placeopedia.com/data/all.kml).
  • United States Zip Code Database: Postal Code - Latitude/Longitude - City Name

    Offsite — Maps ZIPcode (US Postal code) to city, county, state and latitude-longitude. Data Records: 42,741 Database Fields: ZIP LATITUDE LONGITUDE CITY STATE COUNTY ZIP_CLASS Notes [from original author]: This database is a few years old but still works well for me. I originally created it to auto-populate city, county, state information based on zip code. Almost all ZIP ...
  • US Census: US Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area to Principal Cities it contains and FIPS code

    Offsite — METROPOLITAN AND MICROPOLITAN STATISTICAL AREAS AND PRINCIPAL CITIES, November 2007, WITH CODES (Metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas defined by the Office of Management and Budget, November 2007) Source: U.S. Census ...
  • US Census: US Metropolitan &amp; Micropolitan Area to Counties, Cities &amp; other Components

    Offsite — METROPOLITAN AND MICROPOLITAN STATISTICAL AREAS AND COMPONENTS, November 2007, WITH CODES (Metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, and metropolitan divisions defined by the Office of Management and Budget, November 2007) Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Population Division Internet Release Date: June 24, 2008 Last Revised: Sample data: FIPS CBSA ...
  • Free GIS data from Mapping Hacks - FIPS, elections, cities and countries

    Offsite — A variety of free geodata datasets [ ] All_fips55.txt.gz 28-Apr-2008 15:07 3.3M [TXT] HEADER.html 03-May-2008 01:04 329 [TXT] README.html 27-Feb-2005 09:48 38 [ ] TM_WORLD_BORDERS-0.2.zip 10-Apr-2008 18:24 3.3M [ ] TM_WORLD_BORDERS_SIMPL-0.2.zip 10-Apr-2008 18:24 225K [ ] admin98.zip 20-Mar-2005 09:25 4.6M ...
  • Placecast Match API

    Offsite — API to reconcile different location service’s identifiers and venues.
  • A Free View of the World -- OpenAerialMap

    Offsite — Description “OpenAerialMap is an open collection of aerial photographs, collected into a single coherent view of the world.” Openness: OPEN License: Public Domain of CC Attribution. > "OpenAerialMap is a young project, and as such, many of the licensing restrictions are still being worked out. In the short term, all imagery uploaded to OpenAerialMap should be ...
  • Geodata Check

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of Geodata Check.
  • IP Address to Zip Code and Demographics: Total population; Household types

    Free Download — United States IP address blocks are matched to their associated geographical data including zip code, city, state, area code, latitude, and longitude. IP addresses are formatted as addresses as well as numbers using the following conversion: IP address = w.×.y.z IP num = 16777216*w + 65536*x + 256*y + z These IP address blocks are then linked, via zip code, to a portion ...
  • County Codes (FIPS) to Geopoints

    Free Download — Provides a mapping from FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standards) county codes (US only) to latitude and longitude geocoordinates. Now visualizing data by county is a whole lot easier. Data from the 2000 census gazetteer. Source: http://www.census.gov/geo/www/gazetteer/places2k.html
  • Poisonous Plants of The Southern United States

    Offsite — A listing of plants in the Southern United States with descriptions, toxicity, and symptoms.
  • Maritime Boundaries Geodatabase

    Free Download — The download package includes three shapefiles. The first shapefile is a polyline shapefile representing the world maritime boundaries. The second one is a polygon file representing the Exclusive Economic Zones. The third one is the extended continental Shelf of Australia
  • US Census: US Metropolitan and Micropolitan Area to Principal Cities it contains and FIPS code

    Free Download — Metropolitan and Micropolitan Statistical Areas and Principal Cities, as defined by the Office of Management and Budget, November 2007, and their FIPS codes. Fields CBSA Code Principal City Statistical Status (Micro or Metro) State FIPS Code ...
  • List of publicly-accessible transit data feeds from googletransitdatafeed

    Offsite — This is a list of transit schedule data published by transit agencies and operators in GTFS format for developers to use. They contain scheduled times, stop locations, route information and optionally fare information and detailed route shapes. Another list of official GTFS data is maintained by the GTFS Data Exchange site. For details on the feed format, see the General ...
  • GEO Data Portal - The United Nations Environmental Database

    Offsite — The GEO Data Portal is the authoritative source for data sets used by UNEP and its partners in the Global Environment Outlook (GEO) report and other integrated environment assessments. Its online database holds more than 500 different variables, as national, subregional, regional and global statistics or as geospatial data sets (maps), covering themes like Freshwater, ...
  • HRSA Data Warehouse - Report Tools

    Offsite — Health Resources and Services Administration Report Tool – Data Exploration, Export, and Formatted Reporting The HRSA site offers downloads for data and reports using HRSA data. Downloads are available for the following reports: Area Health Education Grants Health Care Service Delivery Sites Health Professional Shortage Areas HIV/AIDS Services Medically Underserved ...
  • HRSA Data Warehouse - Download Area Resource File

    Offsite — The Area Resource File The Area Resource File (ARF) is designed to be used by planners, policymakers, researchers, and others interested in the nation’s health care delivery system and factors that may impact health status and health care in the U.S. The ARF contains county-level data in seven broad areas (Health Care Professions, Health Facilities, Population ...
  • ZIP Code Report by Radius - Maponics

    Offsite — Download zip code data by radius or by state. Both report types include the following information for each ZIP Codes within the radius: ZIP Code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, enclosing ZIP Code, and the distance between the center point of the ZIP Code and the center point of the radius. Reports also include USPS delivery counts for each ZIP Code, ...