6 datasets
  • WhitePages Pro API

    Offsite — For the first time, WhitePages.com is making available its people search functionality and data through a free API. With the WhitePages.com API beta, you have access to data for millions of people in the United States.
  • Wikilocation Geolocation API

    Offsite — An API for Wikipedia that would allow you to search for entries based on geo-location information. Wikilocation is a full RESTful web API service for developers wishing to search for Wikipedia articles by location. The data is gathered by downloading the Wikipedia database on a weekly basis and then parsing all of the geocoded entries. This data is then stored in a ...
  • deCarta

    Offsite — deCarta’s APIs provide all the mapping functionality you need for your application (think maps on steroids). You may use them all or just a piece as you build your next killer app.
  • Rummble API

    Offsite — Rummble API is for developers to build services based around the Rummble community and to utilise their technology to build location based web services and mobile apps. All aspects of Rummble’s platform, content and community are at your disposal. Personalization using a Trust Network API – a unique and advanced personalization technology which builds a network of tastes ...
  • WeatherBug API

    Offsite — WeatherBug is the worlds best source for intelligent weather information. The WeatherBug API lets developers tap into that data source and develop their own customized weather applications, or utilize intelligent weather information in their own applications and web sites.
  • Wikimapia API

    Offsite — Wikimapia API is a system that allows you to receive data from Wikimapia’s maps. You can easily integrate Wikimapia Geo Data into your external application or web site. And it’s all free. “We provide you with free access to Wikimapia DB, collected by our contributors, with the aim to help the geographic community to use this data not only on Wikimapia site, but through ...