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  • Taco Bell Tweets, Jan. 24 to Jan. 31, 2011

    Offsite — This here is a collection of 9,413 tweets that mention “Taco Bell” between January 24-31, 2011. The time period that will best be remembered not by Egyptian demonstrations, but by questioning the contents of the fast food giant’s meat.
  • Mobile Food Facility Permits from DataSF.org

    No Data — Mobile Food Facility Permits including name of vendor, location, type of food sold and status of permit Category: public-works Format: CSV Data dictionary: N/A Frequency: Daily Time period: current Agency name: Department of Public Works – Bureau of Street-Use & Mapping
  • Food - Retail and wholesale prices in the Horn of Africa

    Free Download — Monthly retail and wholesale food prices for Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia from January 2000 to July 2011. Source: USAID / Famine Early Warning System (FEWS).
  • FindTheBest.com Farmers Markets listing

    Offsite — Find and compare the best farmers markets in the US based on location, number of vendors, days and times open, featured products, and more. Data from the USDA.
  • FindTheBest.com Fast Food Nutrition listing

    Offsite — Find and compare the best (and healthiest) fast food items based on nutritional facts like calories, total fat, cholesterol, carbohydrates, protein and sodium.
  • FindTheBest.com Food Recipes listing

    Offsite — Find and compare thousands of mouth-watering recipes from steak and seafood dishes to vegetarian pizzas and more.
  • FindTheBest.com Frozen Dinner Nutrition listing

    Offsite — Find and compare frozen meals by category, calories, total fat, carbohydrates, protein and other nutrition facts.
  • FindTheBest.com Nutrition Facts listing

    Offsite — Compare nutrition content of foods based on calories, protein, total fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol, dietary fibers and total sugar content.