3 datasets
  • Flickr Images

    Free Download — This Flickr data set contains over 2,000 downloaded images from 52 different groups. The information can be utilized for image content analysis in issues related to rich social media. Each image is indexed by its Flickr photo id and the corresponding group to which it belongs. Citation: Choudhury, M. D., Sundaram, H., Lin, Y-R., John, A., and Seligmann, D. D. (2009). ...
  • Code for querying and downloading Flickr images

  • Flickr shapetiles : Location data created from WOEid geotagged Flickr photos

    Offsite — Flickr Shapefiles Public DatasetFlickr Shapetiles ESRI shapefiles — these files use the EPSG:900913 map projection and are derived from the shapefiles that Seth Fitzsimmons generated from the (2009) Flickr Shapefiles Public Dataset. One day he’ll even finsh writing the blog post about how he did it, too… a thing made by aaron straup cope Flickr Shapetiles is a slippy map ...