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  • Per Pupil Amounts of Financing of Public Elementary and Secondary School Systems

    Free Download — The Statistical Abstract files are distributed by the US Census Department as Microsoft Excel files. These files have data mixed with notes and references, multiple tables per sheet, and, worst of all, the table headers are not easily matched to their rows and columns. A few files had extraneous characters in the title. These were corrected to be consistent. A few files ...
  • Local Authority Revenue Expenditure and Financing, England

    Offsite — Provides estimates of revenue expenditure and financing for Local Authorities. Source agency: Communities and Local Government Designation: National Statistics Language: English Alternative title: Local Authority Revenue Expenditure and Financing, England 2008/09 Provisional Outturn 2008-09 Final Outturn 2008/09 Budget 2007/08 Provisional Outturn 2008/09 Budget updated ...
  • FindTheBest.com Small Business Loans and Grants listing

    Offsite — Find and compare sources for small business loans, grants and financing based on title, loan type, state, business type, program type, industry, and more. Data from the Small Business Administration.