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  • Economic and Social Data Service

    Offsite — Description “The Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS) is a national data service providing access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, both quantitative and qualitative, spanning many disciplines and themes. ESDS provides an integrated service offering enhanced support for the secondary use of data across the research, learning and ...
  • Netherlands - Statistics

    Offsite — About National statistics from the Netherlands. Access No bulk download. Material is available via a web interface at: <http://statline.cbs.nl/StatWeb/dome/?LA=EN> Data Themes include: Agriculture Construction and housing Education Enterprises Financial and business services Government and politics Health and welfare Income and spending International ...
  • France - INSEE - National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies

    Offsite — About French national statistics. Access Material available at: <http://www.insee.fr/en/themes/> Data Topics include: Agriculture Economic outlook Economy Education Enterprises Geography Health Income – Wages Industries – Food Industries – Construction Labour – Employment Living standards – Society National accounts – Public finances Population ...
  • Italy - Istat - Statistics

    Offsite — About Italian national statistics. Access List of datasets in PDF and zipped XLS formats at: <http://www.istat.it/dati/dataset/> List of data banks at: <http://www.istat.it/english/databanks.html> Openness [Copyright notice](http://www.istat.it/copyright.html) says material is open as long as source is acknowledged: > Anche in assenza di espressa ...
  • Finland - Statistikcentralen - Statistics Finland

    Offsite — About National statistics for Finland. Access Material can be viewed alphabetically, by topic or by producer: <http://www.stat.fi/til/abcd_en.html> <http://www.stat.fi/til/aiheet_en.html> <http://www.stat.fi/til/tuottajat_en.html> Data Topics include: Agriculture, Forestry and Fishery Construction Culture and the Media Education Elections Energy ...
  • Institut wallon de l&#x27;Évaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique

    Offsite — About Statistics on Waloon region in Belgium Data Topics include: Living Démographie Demography Education – Formation Education – Training Entreprises Companies Environnement Environment Finances publiques Public Finance Indicateurs économiques Economic Indicators Marché du travail Labor Territoire Land Openness No legal information found.
  • Statistics Portugal

    Offsite — About National statistics for Portugal. Access No bulk downloading. Available via web interface in XLS or CSV format. Openness Not open. [Terms and conditions](http://www.ine.pt/xportal/xmain?xpid=INE&xpgid=ine_cont_inst&INST=5436404) state: > This website is intended for the personal use of individuals, wherefore any marketing of its contents is ...
  • UK - Free The Postcode

    Offsite — About Overview: > The postcode database – which turns a postcode to a latitude/longitude and back – is not free in the UK. In fact, it’s very expensive. The Post Office owns it and sells it to various companies that make use of it for things like insurance or parcel tracking. There are however many people who’d like to use it for non-profit purposes. Say you want to ...
  • Latvia - Post-offices and postal codes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Latvia. Access No bulk download. Material available via a search interface. Openness No legal information found.
  • Posta Slovenije d.o.o. : Pošte :

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Slovenia. Access Download link at: <http://www.posta.si/Namizje.aspx?tabid=76> Openness No legal information found.
  • Slovakia - Slovenská pošta a. s. - Postcodes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Slovakia. Access No bulk download. Access via search interface. Openness No legal information found.
  • Farm Subsidy

    Offsite — About Overview from [FAQ](http://farmsubsidy.org/FAQs): > The aim of Farmsubsidy.org is to obtain detailed data relating to payments and recipients of farm subsidies in every EU member state and make this data available in a way that is useful to European citizens. Farmsubsidy.org is run by a network of European journalists, researchers and activists. Openness ...
  • EU Budget

    Offsite — About EU Budget for years 2003 to present available in HTML at: <http://eur-lex.europa.eu/budget/www/index-en.htm> Information from 2000-2007 available in XLS at: <http://ec.europa.eu/budget/library/publications/fin_reports/fin_report_07_data.xls> Openness Free to be re-used as long as attribution is given. The [Copyright ...
  • Austria - Bundesministerium für Finanzen - Budget

    Offsite — About Austrian budget data from 2003 to present. <http://www.bmf.gv.at/Budget/Budget20072008/Budgetbericht_2007_2008Web.pdf> <http://www.bmf.gv.at/Budget/Budget20072008/Budgetbericht_2007_2008Web.pdf> <http://www.parlinkom.gv.at/PG/DE/XXII/I/I_00830/imfname_035999.pdf> <http://www.bmf.gv.at/Budget/Budget2005/budgetbericht_05.pdf> ...
  • eu-fisheries-control-reports

    Offsite — Overview over fisheries control reports by region/sea.
  • eu-terminology

    Offsite — Excellent tool for following the same terms of EU-speak from language to language.
  • Luxembourg - Le Portail des Statistiques du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg - Page d&#x27;accueil

    Offsite — About National statistics for Luxembourg. Openness No legal information found.
  • Greece - National Statistical Service of Greece

    Offsite — About National statistics for Greece. Data Topics include: Census Of Population 1991 Censuses 2000-2001 Demography Labour Market Indices National Accounts Trade & Services External Trade Primary Sector Secondary Sector (Industry) Social Statistics Openness No legal information found.
  • France - Insee Statistiques locales

    Offsite — About French local statistics. Data No bulk download. Available in zipped XLS. Material can be access by theme or by source: <http://www.statistiques-locales.insee.fr/esl/baseTelechTheme.asp> <http://www.statistiques-locales.insee.fr/esl/baseTelechSource.asp> Openness [Legal ...
  • NSO - National Statistics Office

    Offsite — About National statistics for Malta. Access At time of writing (2009-05-02) no access to statistical database: > The On-line Statistical Database (statDB) is currently offline due to maintenance of the system and updating of the data sets available. Access to key indicators in PDF format at: <http://www.nso.gov.mt/site/page.aspx?pageid=150> These include: Main ...