2 datasets
  • Tornado Tracks and Icons, 1950-2006

    Offsite — The National Weather Service (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) routinely collects reports of severe weather and compiles them with public access from the database called SeverePlot (Hart and Janish 1999) with a Graphic Information System (GIS). The composite SVRGIS information is made available to the public primarily in .zip files of approximately 50MB size. The files ...
  • Geospatial display of current weather radar images (RIDGE Weather Radar)

    Offsite — Provides GIS overlays for current weather radar results Additional facts from data.gov Dataset Summary Date Released: Unknown Date Updated: near real time Time Period: near real time Data.gov Data Category Type: Raw Data Catalog Frequency: near real time Specialized Data Category Designation: Geospatial Contributing Agency Information Citation: RIDGE Weather Radar ...