3 datasets
  • Digital Element IP Intelligence Domains

    No Data — The service for this API is available to customers of the Infochimps Cloud, the fastest way to develop and deploy Big Data applications in public, virtual private and private clouds. Learn more About Digital Element: Digital Element is the premier supplier for IP geolocation data. Their data is used by a number of large internet companies, including Ask.com, AOL, and ...
  • p2psim - kingdata : DNS server latency network distance matrices

  • The Public Suffix List: Hostname suffixes for pools of independent domain names

    Offsite — The Public Suffix List is a cross-vendor initiative to provide an accurate list of domain name suffixes. A “public suffix” is one under which Internet users can directly register names. Some examples of public suffixes are “.com”, “.co.uk” and “pvt.k12.wy.us”. The Public Suffix List is a list of all known public suffixes. The usefulness of this can be seen if we take the ...