2 datasets
  • Delicious bookmarks, September 2009

    Offsite — A record of all bookmarking activity on delicious.com for a roughly 10-day period in September 2009. The data comes from Arvind Narayanan, a post-doctoral researcher in Computer Science at Stanford University. Format is JSON, one record per line. There are 1.25 million entries. Download size is 170 MB. Sample record: {"updated": “Tue, 08 Sep 2009 08:45:00 +0000”, ...
  • Document Metadata Based on a Sample of Web Documents from the Open Directory

    Offsite — DMOZ100k06 is a large research data set about document metadata based on a random sample of 100,000 web documents from the Open Directory combined with data retrieved from the social bookmarking service delicious.com, the content rating system ICRA, and the search engine Google. The data set is freely available for other research. Michael G. Noll