3 datasets
  • Sweden - Statistiska centralbyr√•n - National Statistics

    Offsite — About Collection of national statistics, including: Agriculture, forestry and fishery Business activities Culture and leisure Democracy Education and research Energy Environment Financial markets Health and medical care Household finances Housing, construction and building Information technology Judicial system Labour market Living conditions National ...
  • Sweden - Ministry of Finance - Budget

    Offsite — About Budget Statements from 2001 to present. Reuse No obvious link to copyright/legal statement or terms of re-use.
  • Sweden - Posten.se - Postal codes and addresses

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Sweden. Access Search interface at: <http://www.posten.se/soktjanst/postnummersok/gb/index_v.jspv> Postcode list from March 17, 2007 at: <http://www.editgrid.com/user/ecmanaut/sverige-postorter.csv> Extended list with box addresses, street names and number ranges at: ...