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  • Portugal - Ministério das Finanças e da Administração Pública - Budget

    Offsite — About Budget information and other economic information in PDF format – from 2007 to present. Reuse No information found.
  • Statistics Portugal

    Offsite — About National statistics for Portugal. Access No bulk downloading. Available via web interface in XLS or CSV format. Openness Not open. [Terms and conditions](http://www.ine.pt/xportal/xmain?xpid=INE&xpgid=ine_cont_inst&INST=5436404) state: > This website is intended for the personal use of individuals, wherefore any marketing of its contents is ...
  • Portugal - Postal Codes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Portugal. Access Download available in TXT format. Registration required. Openness Not clear.