2 datasets
  • Bulgaria - Ministry of Finance - Budget

    Offsite — About Budget documents in PDF, 2006 to present. <http://www.minfin.bg/en/page/24> <http://www.minfin.bg/en/documents> Assorted financial data, in XLS/PDF. <http://www.minfin.bg/en/statistics/?cat=1> <http://www.minfin.bg/en/statistics/> Re-use Not clear.
  • Bulgaria - National Statistical Institute - official web site

    Offsite — About National statistics from Bulgaria. Material No bulk download. Mix of XLS, PDF, and HTML formats. Openness Not open. [Copyright page](http://www.nsi.bg/LegalBasis_e/CopyRight.htm) states: > Data use with the following purpose shall be considered illegal: 1. Extraction by means of regular or temporary transfer of the contents of the data bases or of ...