7 datasets
  • Belgium - BelgoStat

    Offsite — About says: > Belgostat Online is a database of the National Bank of Belgium containing macro-economic statistics. Access No bulk download. Material is available at: <http://www.nbb.be/belgostat/GlobalDispatcher?TARGET=/TreeviewLinker&prop=treeview&Lang=E> Individual datasets are available in CSV format. Openness Not open. [Legal ...
  • Belgium - Iristat20 - Statistics

    Offsite — About Statistics on the Brussels region. Openness No legal information found.
  • Données statistiques thématiques

    Offsite — About Statistics on the Brussels region. Openness Seems to be restricted to personal use. The [legal information](http://www.bruxelles.irisnet.be/fr/navigation_du_bas/informations_legales.shtml) page states: > 3.1 Conformément aux dispositions de la loi du 30 juin 1994 relative au droit d’auteur et aux droits voisins, vous avez le droit de télécharger et de ...
  • Beligium - FPS Economy - Statistics

    Offsite — About Overview: > The main official statistical institution in Belgium offers you a large choice of statistical figures and presents its latest publications and press releases. Access No bulk download. Material available at: <http://statbel.fgov.be/indicators/home_en.asp> Openness Open. Pages have note in the footer saying: > Reproduction of the data is ...
  • Institut wallon de l&#x27;Évaluation, de la Prospective et de la Statistique

    Offsite — About Statistics on Waloon region in Belgium Data Topics include: Living Démographie Demography Education – Formation Education – Training Entreprises Companies Environnement Environment Finances publiques Public Finance Indicateurs économiques Economic Indicators Marché du travail Labor Territoire Land Openness No legal information found.
  • Belgium - Studiedienst van de Vlaamse Regering (SVR) - Statistics

    Offsite — About Statistics from Flemish government. Access Material is available in XLS format at: <http://www4.vlaanderen.be/dar/svr/Cijfers/Pages/Excel.aspx> Local statistics are available at: <http://aps.vlaanderen.be/lokaal/lokale_statistieken.htm> Other databases are available at: <http://www4.vlaanderen.be/dar/svr/Cijfers/Pages/Databanken.aspx> Openness page ...
  • Belgium - Rekenhof (Court of Audit) - Budget

    Offsite — About Annual reports of the Court of Audit – which is responsible for matters related to the national budget. Includes figures on the budget. PDF documents covering 1998 to present. Re-use No copyright notice on site. Conditions of re-use not clear.