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  • Historical Zoning Districts from DataSF.org

    Offsite — You will be asked for a username and password when downloading the data. Please enter:- username: cplanpub1- password: !pl@nning Historical Zoning Districts – March 2005 Format: GIS Shapefile Data dictionary: Data dictionary can be found in the .xml file within the zip Frequency: One off Time period: March 2005 Agency name: City & County of San Francisco Planning ...
  • The International Morse Code Letters and Numerals

    Free Download — Learn the International Morse Code letters and numerals with this handy chart.
  • Country Codes

    Free Download — This document lists the telephone codes for all countries, along with the ISO country codes, the population, the area in square kilometers, and the GDP in US dollars. It also ranks the countries by population, area and GDP. The data is originally from CountryCode.org.
  • United States Area Codes by City

    Free Download — This file lists all of the North American telephone area codes by city and state.
  • ZIP Code Report by State - Maponics

    Offsite — Download zip code data by radius or by state. Both report types include the following information for each ZIP Codes within the radius: ZIP Code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, enclosing ZIP Code, and the distance between the center point of the ZIP Code and the center point of the radius. Reports also include USPS delivery counts for each ZIP Code, ...
  • IP Address Geolocation API - IP Info Database

    Offsite — IP Address Geolocation XML API The API returns the location of an IP address (country, region, city, zipcode, latitude, longitude) and the associated timezone in XML format. You can find below code samples with PHP, Javascript, Ruby, Python and ASP.
  • IP2Geo API - CDYNE

    Offsite — The CDYNE IP2Geo XML Web Service resolves IP addresses to Network Owner Name, City, State/Province, and Country. In most U.S. cities, it will also provide extra information such as Area Code and Latitude/Longitude. This service allows for the integration of location & distance information and other geographic intelligence into your application databases, business ...
  • A Code for What Ails You - WSJ.com

    Offsite — Today, hospitals and doctors use a system of about 18,000 codes to describe medical services in bills they send to insurers. A new federally-mandated version will expand the number to around 140,000, adding codes that can describe precisely what bone was broken and where the patient got hurt, from art galleries to chicken coops. Search for diagnosis codes from the U.S. ...
  • Emoji Symbols: Unicode and Mobile Phone code points, icons and icon URLs

    Offsite — Emoji are those awesomely cute (or annoyingly cutesy) icons that many mobile phones let you insert into messages. Thanks, Japan! While you browse the data, please enjoy this song that @dianakimball wrote about emoji e-438 / unicode U+1F458 (*), We Are Sitting (Together in Kimonos). The unicode.org emoji dataset gives Unicode and Mobile Phone code points, icons and icon ...
  • FindTheBest.com NAICS Code Lookup listing

    Offsite — NAICS Code Lookup. Find and compare North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) codes by industry sector, sub-sector, group, and more.
  • FindTheBest.com SIC Codes listing

    Offsite — Find and compare the Standard Industrial Classification Codes that appear in a company’s disseminated EDGAR filings which indicate the company’s type of business. Data from the SEC.