2 datasets
  • The CIA World Factbook

    Free Download — Description US government profiles of countries and territories around the world. Information on geography, people, government, transportation, economy, communications, etc. Openness: OPEN License: Public Domain: “The Factbook is in the public domain. Accordingly, it may be copied freely without permission of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA).” ...
  • dict.org: Dictionary Related Material

    Offsite — Description A set of dictionary related material (definitions, thesauri, jargon files etc) bundled together with an API. A full list of the data included can be found on [this page](http://www.dict.org/bin/Dict?Form=Dict1&Query=00-database-info&Strategy=&Database=) APIs in form of standards and protocols: <http://www.dict.org/oldindex.html> Related resources ...