7 datasets
  • eu-intellectual-property-on-plant-varieties

    Offsite — database over intellectual property on plants by EU plant variety agency
  • circa workspace

    Offsite — Filesharing database European Union institutions and stakeholders or interest organisations. Partially password protected.
  • european-court-of-justice

    Offsite — European Court of Justice, European Court of First Instance, EU Civil Service Tribunal. Searchable online since 1997. Searchable on defined search parameters aswell as words in text. No bulk download.
  • eu-fisheries-control-reports

    Offsite — Overview over fisheries control reports by region/sea.
  • european_business_registers

    Offsite — Wiki overview with links to European business registers – including the new register for European companies. Company information can be retrieved via Global Business Register which distributes EBR data at GBRDirect
  • eu-council-register-of-documents

    Offsite — Register of documents by the Council of Ministers of the European Union. Various search functions.
  • eu-agencies

    Offsite — List of links to all EU agencies, including contact detail and in some cases legal basis.