3 datasets
  • Thinking About Mixing Drinks

    Offsite — The inspiration for this project came from our personal experiences with poorly mixed and very poor tasting drinks. Especially among college students with limited resources, it is common to find strange mixtures. Through our visualization, we wanted to look into the compatibility of various drinks to be able to offer a resource for people to use to figure out what ...
  • TABC Mixed Beverage Tax Receipts 2011

    Free Download — This data is published by the TABC monthly as a CSV file. MIXED BEVERAGE GROSS RECEIPTS TAX RECORDS Available Fields: TABC Permit Number Trade Name Location Address Location City Location State Location Zip Code Location County Code Filler Report Period (YYYY/MM) Reported Tax (-999999999.99) NOTES: This file is sorted by the Location City and Trade Name fields. ...
  • FindTheBest.com Rum listing

    Offsite — Find and compare the best rum based on category, country or region, price range, alcohol by volume, proof, age and more.