4 datasets
  • NuDat - Nuclear Structure and Decay Data

    Offsite — Nuclear atomic data from the National Nuclear Data Center for radioactive isotopes, including detailed decay schemes along with associated decay probabilities. Evaluated (recommended) nuclear structure and decay information for 3,175 nuclides, about 160,210 levels, 240,608 gamma-rays, etc. Obtained from ENSDF (Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File) and Nuclear Wallet ...
  • Table of Nuclides

    Offsite — A listing of elements and their known radioisotopes. Includes half-life, mode of decay, parent nuclides, isotopic abundance, masses, cross-sections, and more.
  • The Periodic Table of Elements

    Free Download — This is a stylized Excel spreadsheet of the periodic table of elements. It includes the element name, atomic number, symbol, phase, electronegativity (Pauling), first ionization potential (eV), atomic weight (g/mol), melting point (°C, 1 atm), boiling point (°C, 1 atm), density (g/cc or g/L), and the most common crystal structure. This data is one of a set of ...
  • Properties of the Periodic Elements

    Free Download — This dataset lists all of the periodic elements and many of their associated properties in a comprehensive format, including the element name, atomic number, symbol, standard atomic weight, group, phase, type, ionic radius, atomic radius, electronegativity, first ionization potential, density, melting point, boiling point, number of isotopes, discoverer, year discovered, ...