4 datasets
  • European Climate Assessment Daily Weather Data

  • Federal Highway Administration - Bridges - NBI ASCII Files

    Offsite — Recording and coding guide for the structure inventory and appraisal of the nations bridges.
  • E-Mail Index

    Offsite — This directory contains 1,039 messages from the archives that illustrate what the traffic going into a large web service looks like. The full archive is fairly massive, containing over 50 megabytes of ASCII text. In addition, there are another few hundred megabytes of mail files stashed away in other places, messages such as the massive mailbombing of Santa Claus ...
  • Complete ASCII Character Codes

    Offsite — Link to a website with very complete and well-curated lists of information about the ASCII character set. Includes decimal, hexadecimal, and unicode codes for all 128 characters in the basic ASCII character set along with images and descriptions. Provides similar information for several extended ASCII character sets, including those distributed by vendors like IBM and ...