4 datasets
  • Denied Persons List with Denied US Export Privileges

    Offsite — A list of individuals and entities that have been denied export privileges. Any dealings with a party on this list that would violate the terms of its denial order is prohibited. This list is not meant to stand alone. It should be used in combination with the Export Administration Regulations including the Unverified List (BIS), Entity List (GPO), Specially Designated ...
  • Unverifed List of Foreign Persons Red Flagged for Exporting Actions

    Offsite — The Unverified List includes names and countries of foreign persons who in the past were parties to a transaction with respect to which BIS could not conduct a pre-license check (PLC) or a post-shipment verification (PSV) for reasons outside of the U.S. Government’s control. Any transaction to which a listed person is a party will be deemed by BIS to raise a Red Flag ...
  • Office of Advocacy's News Update File

    Offsite — This is a xml news update file to inform the public about recent regulatory alerts, Advocacy small business statistics reports, Advocacy small business research reports, and Advocacy regulatory comment letters Additional facts from data.gov Dataset Summary Date Released: 2005 Date Updated: Weekly (5/11/09) Time Period: 3 months from posted date Data.gov Data Category ...
  • Lobbyists Register data from data.gov.au

    Free Download — A 0.00KB dataset from data.gov.au. Commonwealth Lobbyists Register data