12 datasets
  • EU - Market Access Database

    Offsite — About Overview from [FAQ](http://madb.europa.eu/faq/madb_faq.htm): > The Market Access Database is an important operational tool of the European Union’s Market Access Strategy, supporting a continuous three-way exchange of information between the EU institutions, Member States and European business. The Market Access Strategy is a key pillar of the EU’s Trade Policy ...
  • EU Eco-Label

    Offsite — About Information about products and manufacturers that are awarded the EU Eco-Label flower. From [about page](http://www.eco-label.com/european_union_ecolabel.htm): > Over the past ten years, the “Flower” has become a European-wide symbol for products, providing simple and accurate guidance to consumers. All products bearing the “Flower” have been checked by ...
  • The European Ombudsman - Cases

    Offsite — About Cases from the European Ombudsman, including: Summaries Decisions Draft recommendations Special reports Downloading Material is available via a search tool, and to browse by category. No bulk download facility. Openness European Ombudsman [copyright notice](http://www.ombudsman.europa.eu/shortcuts/notice.faces) says: > © European Communities, ...
  • EU - Susta Info

    Offsite — About Overview from [front page](http://magenta.collexis.net/susta-info/en/index.aspx): > Susta-Info is a global database of case studies and publications, validated by research institutes, ‘associations of cities’ and expert groups. Susta-Info is an EU DG Research supported project in the context of the Sixth Framework Program, with priority Global Change ...
  • EEA - Data service

    Offsite — About Overview: > The data service provides almost all data sets and applications which have been used in EEA’s periodical environmental reports. Topics include: Air emissions Air quality Corine land cover 1990 Corine land cover 2000 EEA owned data sets Land cover accounts Eurosion Nationally designated areas Point data Raster data Geospatial data Vector ...
  • EUROPA - Register of Commission documents

    Offsite — About Overview > The register contains references both of documents which have already been published and of internal (unpublished) Commission documents, from the 1st January 2001. Information in register includes: the identifier or reference number, the title of the document in the languages in which it is available, the date of the document, the languages in ...
  • Sweden - Posten.se - Postal codes and addresses

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Sweden. Access Search interface at: <http://www.posten.se/soktjanst/postnummersok/gb/index_v.jspv> Postcode list from March 17, 2007 at: <http://www.editgrid.com/user/ecmanaut/sverige-postorter.csv> Extended list with box addresses, street names and number ranges at: ...
  • EU Urban Audit

    Offsite — About Overview from [home page](http://www.urbanaudit.org/): > The Urban Audit provides European urban statistics for 258 cities across 27 European countries. It contains almost 300 statistical indicators presenting information on matters such as demography, society, the economy, the environment, transport, the information society and leisure. > The Urban Audit was ...
  • Latvia - Post-offices and postal codes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Latvia. Access No bulk download. Material available via a search interface. Openness No legal information found.
  • Posta Slovenije d.o.o. : Pošte :

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Slovenia. Access Download link at: <http://www.posta.si/Namizje.aspx?tabid=76> Openness No legal information found.
  • Slovakia - Slovenská pošta a. s. - Postcodes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Slovakia. Access No bulk download. Access via search interface. Openness No legal information found.
  • Poland - Poczta Polska - Postcodes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Poland. Access No bulk download. Access via search interface. Openness No legal information.