5 datasets
  • Slovakia - Štatistický úrad SR - Statistics

    Offsite — About National statistics for Slovakia Access Some pre-defined tables available via website, including an option to export in XML. <http://portal.statistics.sk/showdoc.do?docid=3019> Also material is made available via Slovakstat, which requires registration to use: <http://portal.statistics.sk/showdoc.do?docid=3158> Data Topics include: Demography Social ...

    Offsite — About UKBORDERS provides digitised boundary datasets of the UK, available in many Geographic Information System (GIS) formats (MapInfo MIF/MID, ArcView Shape, Arc/Info Export and several others), for teachers and researchers in the UK Higher and Further Education community to download and use in their work. Re-use Available for re-use in UK HE/FE.
  • Enamine

    Offsite — About From website: > Since our inception in 1991 we have expanded our compound collection by adding compounds from uncommon chemical classes which feature drug-like physico-chemical properties. Our libraries have been attractive to pharma, biotech and agrochemical companies around the world and now our in house stock exceeds 1 million unique compounds. include: ...
  • Portugal - Postal Codes

    Offsite — About Postcodes for Portugal. Access Download available in TXT format. Registration required. Openness Not clear.
  • UK National Health Service Choices web services

    Offsite — The NHS web services support business-to-business syndication of content over the internet. NHS Choices has created a set of web services to allow approved partners to interact with the service, free of charge. The web services return NHS Choices content in a form that can be easily integrated into a website or application. NHS intends to make most of the data and ...