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  • UN Crime Data and Trends

    Offsite — General Background The collection of statistics on crime at the international level was first considered in 1853. The Economic and Social Council, in its resolution 1984/48 of 25 May 1984, requested that the Secretary-General maintain and develop the United Nations crime-related database by continuing to conduct surveys of crime trends and the operations of criminal ...
  • World Bank - Data & Research

    Offsite — License Terms and conditions on [FAQs](http://www.worldbank.org/faqs) page state: “The World Bank is pleased to allow Users to visit the Site and download and copy the information, documents and materials (collectively, “Materials”) from the Site for User’s personal, non-commercial use, without any right to resell, redistribute or create derivative works therefrom, ...
  • UNdata

  • United Nations Common Database

    Offsite — Description “UNCDB provides selected series from numerous specialized international data sources for all available countries and areas.” 430 series as of 2007-11-25 (see <http://unstats.un.org/unsd/cdb/cdb_list_series.asp> Openness: NOT OPEN License: Non-Commercial restrictions. Specifically on main page states: > “Usage of the United Nations Common ...
  • UN Data

    Offsite — Description “The United Nations Statistics Division (UNSD) of the Department of Economic and Social Affairs (DESA) launched a new internet based data service for the global user community. It brings UN statistical databases within easy reach of users through a single entry point (http://data.un.org/). Users can now search and download a variety of statistical ...
  • Murder Rate Per 100k

    Offsite — The google document contains the murder rate per 100k citizens for many countries, as gathered by the “United Nations Surveys on Crime Trends and the Operations of Criminal Justice Systems”: http://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/data-and-analysis/United-Nations-Surveys-on-Crime-Trends-and-the-Operations-of-Criminal-Justice-Systems.html . I’ve pulled the data out of PDF files, ...
  • UN data-- free data

    Offsite — data from United Nations Statistics Division on energy.