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  • UN Crime Data and Trends

    Offsite — General Background The collection of statistics on crime at the international level was first considered in 1853. The Economic and Social Council, in its resolution 1984/48 of 25 May 1984, requested that the Secretary-General maintain and develop the United Nations crime-related database by continuing to conduct surveys of crime trends and the operations of criminal ...
  • Public Resources: Courts

    Offsite — Bulk.resource.org is a service of Public.Resource.Org, the system contains unsupported, as-is copies of selected U.S. government archives. These resources are pertaining to court information with topics like, fiches and scans, cases, courthouse news service, federal judicial center, JURIS database, request for clarification, and video proceedings.
  • State and Federal Case Law

  • Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted: 1990 to 2005

    Free Download — The Statistical Abstract files are distributed by the US Census Department as Microsoft Excel files. These files have data mixed with notes and references, multiple tables per sheet, and, worst of all, the table headers are not easily matched to their rows and columns. A few files had extraneous characters in the title. These were corrected to be consistent. A few files ...
  • The DGT Multilingual Translation Memory of the Acquis Communautaire

    Offsite — As of November 2007, the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Translation (DGT) made publicly accessible its multilingual Translation Memory for the Acquis Communautaire (the body of EU law) – a collection of parallel texts (texts and their translation, also referred to as bi-texts) in 22 languages. This is a page for technical users, where you will find a ...
  • Commonwealth Legal Information Institute (CommonLII) - English Reports

    Offsite — About From [website](http://www.commonlii.org/int/cases/EngR/): > This database contains the English Reports (1220-1873) and is based on data provided by Justis. Re-use/opennness Allows limited re-distribution for noncommercial purposes – hence not compliant with the [Open Knowledge Definition](http://opendefinition.org/). From [copyright ...
  • Alt Law

    Offsite — Full text of the U.S. Supreme and Circuit Appeals Courts. For more details see altlaw.org.
  • ICPSR (Inter-university Consortium for Political & Social Resource): 500,000 data sets metaindex

    Offsite — ICPSR offers more than 500,000 digital files containing social science research data. Disciplines represented include political science, sociology, demography, economics, history, gerontology, criminal justice, public health, foreign policy, ...
  • Directory of Lawyers

    Offsite — The dataset is derived from the Southern District of West Virginia’s uscourts.gov website website, and includes the lawyer’s name, law firm, address, phone number, fax number, email address, and case numbers.
  • Law Firm

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of Law Firm.
  • Law School

    Free Download — This dataset consists of a collection of Infoboxes from Wikipedia on the topic of Law School.
  • U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics

    Offsite — U.S. crime data, much of it downloadable in CSV and ASCII formats.
  • Capitol Words API

    Offsite — The Capitol Words API provides several methods of accessing detailed information from the Capitol Words database of word frequency from the U.S. Congressional Record. Returns results in JSON and XML.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network (CKAN) API

    Offsite — RESTful API for querying the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network’s database of “[”open knowledge":http://opendefinition.org/]" packages and projects.
  • The New York Times Congress API

    Offsite — Get biographical information on Congresspeople dating back to 1947 and voting records dating back to 1989 in JSON and XML. Based on information from THOMAS, senate.gov, and house.gov. Read the announcement on Open for more information. See also the New York Times Congress API Ruby Wrapper with Congresh Shell.
  • New York Times Congress API Ruby Wrapper with Cong

    Offsite — An easy Ruby wrapper for the New York Times Congress API. Also provides a command shell called Congresh for interacting with the API directly. Available for download under an MIT License.submitted by: Patrick Ewing
  • Crime Data from Ohio State University's Criminal J

    Offsite — Monthly crime data from 1960-2004 for over 17,000 U.S. police precincts.
  • Doing Business: Full Data

    Offsite — Data on business regulations and their enforcement across 178 countries and selected cities. A project of the World Bank. Tables downloadable in Microsoft Excel format. See also: World Bank API and World Bank Data & Statistics.
  • U.S. Copyright Renewal Records

    Offsite — U.S. copyright renewal records, downloadable as a single XML file. By Google software engineer Jarkko Hietaniemi. Public domain.
  • IllinoisTrack.us: Raw Data

    Offsite — The data powering IllinoisTrack.us, harvested from the Illinois General Assembly website, made available in XML. By Josh Sulkin.