3 datasets
  • Wire Centers, Area Code and Exchanges USA & Canada, (NPA/NXX)

    Offsite — As of April 1999, there were 105,291 NPA/NXX’s (area code plus exchanges) registered for use in the USA and Canada. These prefixes are served by “central offices” located at some 24644 “wire centers”. It is at these wire centers that “local loops” to customers are terminated and branch circuits to other offices originate. This map shows the distribution of wire centers ...
  • FCC.gov/data - Reboot.FCC.gov

    Offsite — Public data sets provided by the #FCC. FCC.gov/data is an online clearinghouse for data sets made public by the Federal Communications Commission. The data sets are organized in two ways: by the type of data set and by the office or bureau publishing the data. The launch of FCC.gov/data is the first of many steps in reforming how the FCC publishes and manages its data. ...
  • FindTheBest.com Amateur (Ham) Radio Call Signs listing

    Offsite — Find amateur (ham) radio information including call sign, entity name, address, operator class, license status and more. Data from the FCC.