Jim Kaskade

Jim Kaskade is a visionary CEO in emerging technology environments. Jim has led companies in cloud computing, software as a service (SaaS), online and mobile digital media, online and mobile advertising, and semiconductors from their founding to acquisition. Prior to joining Infochimps, Jim was Entrepreneur-in-Residence at PARC, a Xerox company, where he helped advance PARC’s Big Data program. Earlier, as Chief of Cloud at SIOS, Jim was responsible for the company’s corporate cloud strategy, as well as for expanding the company’s global footprint with private cloud solutions. Prior to SIOS, Jim was CEO of StackIQ, a leading cloud startup and Big Data operating system provider. Jim started his analytics and data-warehousing career working at Teradata for 10 years where he initiated the company’s in-database analytics and data mining programs.

Joseph Kelly

VP of Managed Services, Co-Founder
Joe is co-founder and VP of Managed Services at Infochimps, overseeing day-to-day operations. He has built and led a world-class team developing the leading cloud services Big Data solution for the Fortune 1000. A rap fanatic, Joe met his co-founders while on a quest to quantitatively answer “who is the greatest rapper of all time?” Today he spends his free time reading and thinking about systems design, social organization and information. Before founding Infochimps, Joe was a merchant marine and sailed the Caribbean for three years.

Flip Kromer

CTO, Co-Founder
Philip (Flip) Kromer is co-founder and CTO of Infochimps, where he has built a scalable architecture that allows app programmers and statisticians to quickly and confidently manipulate data streams in real-time at arbitrary scale. Flip is one of the Top 50 contributors to GitHub, and one of the few approved contributed to the Storm project (real-time data processing). His other projects include Wukong (the most-used framework for Ruby streaming in Hadoop); Ironfan (cloud orchestration capable of spinning up clusters of any size at the push of a button); Configliere (ruby configuration made easy). His mission is to make the world smarter by building tools to unify, visualize and explore rich data. Flip is a frequent author and speaker on data science and Big Data. His book, “Big Data for Chimps,” will be published by O’Reilly in May, 2014.

Dhruv Bansal

VP of Expert Services, Co-Founder
Dhruv Bansal is co-founder and VP of Expert Services of Infochimps. Dhruv works with Infochimps customers, both developers and business leaders, to leverage cutting-edge technologies to help them perform Big Data magic cheaply and efficiently. Dhruv is a scientist, and was driven to programming and data science through his research. Working with data directly helped him understand how difficult data can be to find, to ingest, to visualize, to reason with and to learn from. Solving these problems was the rationale behind starting Infochimps, and continues to guide the company.

Adam Seever

VP of Engineering
Adam Seever is an engineering leader who excels at the intersection of people, projects, and technology. At Infochimps Adam heads up the R&D, Operations and Customer Service teams. He has successfully led numerous enterprise Big Data projects with a focus on scale and repeatability. His background includes 10 years in custom software development with a specialization in natural language processing. Adam has extensive experience managing projects using a variety of methodologies including Agile, SCRUM, and Kanban.

Mike Bray

VP of Marketing
Mike leads Infochimp’s Big Data as-a-Service Marketing and Strategy with over 7 years of experience in Marketing & Sales at CSC. Prior to that he was a VP at Getronics. Mike drives the maturation of the open-standards-based Big Data aaS messaging, strategy, market positioning, go-to-market models and engagement methodology.

Steve McDermott

CSC BD&A Sales
Steve helped Mike Olson and team at Cloudera, the leading commercial Hadoop provider, build up their sales team in the West. Prior to Cloudera, Steve ran sales for leading-edge companies including CloudShare, Panasas, NetApp, and Topio. Steve has deep domain expertise in Big Data, as one of the early sales leaders at Cloudera and now leads all of sales for CSC’s Big Data & Analytics business, which includes the Infochimps Big Data Platform as-a-Service offering.

Tim Gasper

Director of Product
Tim Gasper is Director of Product for Infochimps, the leading big data cloud services provider. Tim leads the product design and strategy for the world’s first comprehensive cloud-scale analytics platform that can deploy anywhere, while also providing the fastest way for programmers and analysts to work with high velocity or large volumes of big data. He originally founded Keepstream, a social media analytics and curation startup, and is an accomplished writer and speaker on entrepreneurship, lean startup methodology, and big data.

Alan Geary

VP of Business Development
Alan Geary is a business and channel development veteran at software and technology companies that have focused on growth through partnering. Alan has a unique combination of Big Data and Cloud experience, developed by working over the last decade at both MapR and VMware. Both company’s doubled revenue year over year with the partnerships playing a significant role in the adoption of both Hadoop and virtualization respectively. During his tenure, VMware’s partner business grew globally from $150 million to over 4 billion, with a successful IPO in August of 2007.