Flip Kromer

Philip (Flip) Kromer is co-founder and CTO of Infochimps, where he has built a scalable architecture that allows app programmers and statisticians to quickly and confidently manipulate data streams in real-time at arbitrary scale. Flip is one of the Top 50 contributors to GitHub, and one of the few approved contributed to the Storm project (real-time data processing). His other projects include Wukong (the most-used framework for Ruby streaming in Hadoop); Ironfan (cloud orchestration capable of spinning up clusters of any size at the push of a button); Configliere (ruby configuration made easy). His mission is to make the world smarter by building tools to unify, visualize and explore rich data. Flip is a frequent author and speaker on data science and Big Data. His book, “Big Data for Chimps,” will be published by O’Reilly in May, 2014.