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    1 Dataset — Safety Information Resource
  • Wii Nintendo

    0 Datasets — A blog about…the Nintendo Wii.
  • Foobar the Fake Source

    0 Datasets — Foobar generates great data! Unfortunately, it’s all of it fake!
  • Textfixer

    0 Datasets — A website with various word lists and text processing tools useful for “webmasters and web developers”.

    0 Datasets — A site dedicated to swear words. Users can contribute swear words to a growing online list.
  • The Echo Nest

    28 Datasets — The Echo Nest is a technology and research-focused music intelligence startup based in Somerville, MA (Davis Square). We provide music information services to developers and partners through our large data mining and machine listening platform that both listens to and reads about the entire world of online music. Our current development projects involve large scale internet data mining, machine learning, DSP optimization, and music and video analysis and synthesis.