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How should HIVDB be cited?

HIVDB and its programs have been described in several publications (Betts and Shafer 2003; Kantor et al. 2001; Kuiken et al. 2003; Liu and Shafer 2006; Rhee et al. 2003; Rhee et al. 2006a; Shafer 2006; Shafer et al. 2000a; Shafer et al. 2000b; Shafer et al. 1999). However, recommended that the most recent general review by Rhee et al in 2003 be cited: Rhee, S. Y., M. J. Gonzales, R. Kantor, B. J. Betts, J. Ravela, and R. W. Shafer. 2003. Human immunodeficiency virus reverse transcriptase and protease sequence database. Nucleic Acids Res 31:298-303. Although the database publications have been cited about 400 times, most papers that refer to the database do not cite a publication. Instead, the authors refer to the “Stanford database” or provide its URL.

  • HIV Drug Resistance Database

    Offsite — The main functions of HIVDB are: To store, analyze and make available the diverse forms of data underlying drug resistance knowledge to the broad community of researchers and clinicians studying HIV drug resistance and using HIV drug resistance tests; To provide a publicly available online resource to help those performing HIV drug resistance surveillance, interpreting ...