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The JCB DataViewer is a web-based multi-dimensional image data viewing application. It is a tool for visualization and simple analysis of original image data files associated with JCB articles. Authors can upload original data files to support manuscript review and publication using the JCB DataRollup application (available from the JCB Editorial Office during the submission process). The data are archived by the Journal and can be viewed via the JCB DataViewer.

This application was developed by The Journal of Cell Biology and Glencoe Software, Inc. using technology developed by the Open Microscopy Environment.

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    Offsite — About > The JCB DataViewer is a browser-based application for viewing original image files – from various types of microscopes and gel-documentation systems – associated with JCB articles. It is the first browser-based system for viewing multi-dimensional light microscope image data. Openness Not [open]( due to noncommercial ...