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Eurostat’s mission is to provide the European Union with a high-quality statistical information service.

Eurostat is the Statistical Office of the European Communities situated in Luxembourg. Its task is to provide the European Union with statistics at European level that enable comparisons between countries and regions.

This is a key task. Democratic societies do not function properly without a solid basis of reliable and objective statistics. On one hand, decision-makers at EU level, in Member States, in local government and in business need statistics to make those decisions. On the other hand, the public and media need statistics for an accurate picture of contemporary society and to evaluate the performance of politicians and others. Of course, national statistics are still important for national purposes in Member States whereas EU statistics are essential for decisions and evaluation at European level.

  • EuroStat

    Offsite — Large variety of datasets about the European Union.
  • Eurostat - Government Finance Statistics (GFS) Data

    Offsite — About From website: > The GFS template tables show, in an integrated way, government revenue, government expenditure, government deficit, transactions in assets, transactions in liabilities, other economic flows, and balance sheets. This presentation is similar to that of business accounting where the profit and loss and the balance sheet are presented together and ...