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Datamob aims to show, in a very simple way, how public data sources are being used.

Their listings emphasize the connection between data posted by governments and public institutions and the interfaces people are building to explore that data.

  • SEC Filings (EDGAR)

    Offsite — Access to U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission filings from public companies.
  • Social Actions API

    Offsite — Social Actions is an open source database of actions people can take on any issue, from volunteer opportunities to micro credit loans. The Social Actions RESTful API returns data in JSON format and contains up-to-date information about actions from 50+ sources, including Care2,, Idealist and Kiva.Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 ...
  • Songs Sampled in Girl Talk's 'Feed the Animals'

    Offsite — Information about the 264 samples used in Girl Talk’s Feed the Animals album, along with a few visualizations. CSV format. By Andy Baio.
  • Splog Blog Dataset

    Offsite — Dataset of 3,000 blog homepages, of which 700 have been labeled as spam-blogs or splogs and another 700 as authentic blogs.
  • Stanford Copyright Renewal Database

    Offsite — Downloadable dataset of 250,000 records on U.S. copyright renewal for books published between 1950 and 1995.
  • Star Wars Kid Data Dump

    Offsite — Data from’s server logs concerning the initial spread of the Star Wars Kid viral video in 2003. Public domain.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States

    Offsite — The U.S. Census Bureau’s comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political and economic organization of the United States. Many tables downloadable in Microsoft Excel format.
  • StatLib Datasets Archive

    Offsite — Collection of datasets from books and articles via Carnegie Mellon University’s StatLib community.
  • SunlightLabs API

    Offsite — Access to clerical information about members of the 110th U.S. Congress (phone, email, district). Features API methods that tie cities to ZIP codes to districts to latitude/longitude
  • Target Store Openings, 1962-2008

    Offsite — A list of the store numbers, opening dates and locations of Target retail stores in the U.S., from 1962-2008.
  • Taxpayers for Common Sense Congressional Earmark D

    Offsite — Comprehensive, downloadable database of U.S. Congressional earmarks. Provided by Taxpayers for Common Sense, an organization dedicated to cutting wasteful government spending. Microsoft Excel format.
  • Temperature Data Archive

    Offsite — Daily average temperatures for 157 U.S. and 167 international cities in ASCII text format.
  • The Federal Reserve Board Statistics

    Offsite — Releases and historical data from the U.S. Federal Reserve System. Most tables available in tab-delimited text and/or CSV formats.
  • The New York State Senate Open Legislation Service

    Offsite — Browse, search and download legislative information from the New York State Senate. Structured legislative information available in XML, CSV and JSON formats. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License.
  • The New York Times Article Search API

    Offsite — The NYT Article Search API provides searchable access to nearly three million New York Times articles from 1981 to the present day. Results returned in JSON.
  • The New York Times Campaign Finance API

    Offsite — Retrieve political campaign contribution and expenditure data based on United States Federal Election Commission filings. Data available in JSON, XML or serialized PHP. Registration required. See the announcement on Open for more information.
  • The New York Times Congress API

    Offsite — Get biographical information on Congresspeople dating back to 1947 and voting records dating back to 1989 in JSON and XML. Based on information from THOMAS,, and Read the announcement on Open for more information. See also the New York Times Congress API Ruby Wrapper with Congresh Shell.
  • The Public Whip Data: British MP Voting Records

    Offsite — Data for British MP votes for each division, attendance and rebelliousness rates. In .txt, .dat, XML and text dumps of MySQL tables.
  • The Supreme Court Database

    Offsite — The Supreme Court Database contains over two hundred pieces of information about each case decided by the Court between the 1953 and 2008 terms. Examples include the identity of the court whose decision the Supreme Court reviewed, the parties to the suit, the legal provisions considered in the case, and the votes of the Justices. Available for download in CSV, R Data ...
  • Scorecard Data

    Offsite — Download’s scorecard data for U.S. legislation calculated according to potential impact on the middle class. CSV format.