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ABS is one of many providers of statistics (albeit the largest) that are used to inform research, discussion and decision making within governments and the community. The organisations and arrangements, formal and informal, which together provide such statistics, form Australia’s national statistical system. The range of services that are collectively provided for Australia constitutes Australia’s national statistical service.

Some organisations that form part of Australia’s statistical system have institutional and legal arrangements which govern their operations.

ABS’ enabling legislation, the Australian Bureau of Statistics Act (1975), establishes the ABS as Australia’s central statistical authority, responsible for providing statistical services to all Australian governments, and the community more generally. It provides the ABS with the legal responsibility to lead the development and operation of the national statistical system, although we choose to do so through collaboration rather than direction.

This legislation describes the six functions of the ABS as being to:

  • operate as Australia’s central statistical authority and to provide services for the Australian and state governments;
  • collect, compile, analyse, and disseminate statistics;
  • co-ordinate the statistical operations of official bodies;
  • develop standards for statistics and ensure that they are complied with;
  • give advice and assistance on the production and use of statistics;
  • liaise with international organisations on statistical issues.

Consistent with the first two functions, the ABS has responsibility to provide the range of official statistics that serve the needs of governments. It also has a responsibility to provide information on how Australia is changing. Provision of such statistics is a key element of the democratic process.
The ABS also has the lead role in avoiding duplication in collection of statistics, attaining comparability between collections undertaken by different agencies and maximising the utilisation of statistics; regardless of which member of the national statistical system has produced them.

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