Healthcare is being revolutionized by Big Data analytics, with the focus on improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. One of the most widespread data-driven innovations in the healthcare field is personalized medicine: giving patients and their care providers more case-specific information for making accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. health-iconOther healthcare initiatives that are driven by Big Data include digital patient records, integrating data from multiple clinical trials, genomic analysis, tracking disease outbreaks across global populations and improving patient engagement. Infochimps gives healthcare enterprises the ability to effectively manage and gain insights from their Big Data while reducing infrastructure complexity and cost.

Infochimps Cloud is a suite of robust, scalable cloud services that make it faster and far less complex to develop and deploy applications that are driven by Big Data. Whether you need real–time analytics on multi–source streaming data, a scalable NoSQL database or an elastic, cloud-based Hadoop cluster — Infochimps Cloud is the easiest step to Big Data for media and advertising enterprises.

  • Fast — You’ll be generating insights within 30 days
  • Simple — You’ll have the most powerful, innovative Big Data cloud and application-friendly simplicity without any compromises
  • Flexible — You’ll be able to handle volume, variety or velocity of data to drive real-time, ad hoc and batch analytics — whatever your business requires
  • Enterprise-ready — Infochimps Cloud is scalable, reliable, fast and secure, deployed in public, private or virtual private cloud environments

Infochimps Cloud can help you achieve your Big Data strategy, quickly giving you the business value you seek.

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