Understanding Big Data in the Cloud


This how-to guide leverages our repeated success at working with enterprises to stand up Infochimps Big Data Platform as-a-Service solution in complex organizations and technical environments. We’ve narrowed it down to 4 key steps to successfully implementing your Big Data project. This part how-to, part working doc will empower your organization to achieve your defined business objectives through Big Data, regardless of the various technical environments.


Infochimps Big Data Platform as-a-Service is an integrated product tool set that makes it much easier to perform Big Data analytics and create Big Data applications. It’s a collection of open source and proprietary software for Big Data processing, data collection and integration, data storage, data analysis and visualization, and infrastructure management.


A report for CIOs that give them insight into their teams’ frame of thought regarding Big Data projects. Infochimps’ CIOs & Big Data Report, resulting from query of more than 300 IT department employees, aims to identify pitfalls that implementation teams encounter, and could avoid, if top management had a more complete view.


In situations where you need to make well-informed, real-time decisions, good data isn’t enough. It must be timely and actionable. The time window for data analysis is shrinking, and you need a different set of tools to get these on-the-fly answers.