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big data application case study

Over the past ten years, the media business has been turned on its head. The general shift from print to digital (and increasingly free) sources has challenged the traditional revenue model. To make matters even more complicated, the advent of social media has added a multitude of layers of interaction to digital content, making the task of determining how target audiences are responding to brand initiatives incredibly complex.

Learn how Infomart, Canada’s leading media consultancy of 25 years, reinvented their business by transforming a legacy app with Infochimps Cloud for Big Data.

Infomart Webinar

Webinar (1:15:59)

During this video, listen to Infochimps CEO Jim Kaskade and Infomart Director of Platform and User Experience Jennifer Stein, discuss their transition from legacy infrastructure to a cloud-based platform for their core SaaS offering, in order to coalesce real-time, near-real-time and historical data for practically unlimited analysis.


With millions of transactions daily, spread across multiple disconnected legacy systems and IT teams, it feels impossible to see the full picture of the data. With the Infochimps Cloud, this retailer is able to bring together multiple streams of data into one interface that allow people from around the organization, from retail analysts to marketing managers to digital media analysts, to answer a variety of valuable and formerly unfathomable questions.


One of the most common ways people use the Twitter data corpus is to measure a person’s importance and influence. Klout is an example of one product that specializes in this kind of “influencer” data. A few years ago, we created our own special version of Klout, one that took advantage of our vast historical record of the relationships to create an accurate number describing how influential a Twitter user is.