Data Sheets

Big Data Lifecycle

Guiding Customers Through The Big Data Adoption Lifecycle: Organizations small and large, local and global, entering new markets or competing in existing ones have an unprecedented opportunity to create value and transform their businesses using Big Data. Regardless of where your company is in the adoption of Big Data concepts. We have a team of experts that can help you explore and exploit the value of Big Data and at a pace that maximizes your return on investment.


Big Data is hard. Infochimps Cloud is a suite of cloud services that makes it faster, easier, and less complex to develop and deploy Big Data applications. This Infochimps Solution Overview summarizes our products and services, empowering enterprise organizations to leverage their existing teams, and to focus on answering business critical questions instead of herding complex architecture.


Social Media is an emerging treasure trove of important business insight and consumer data, relevant to almost every industry. It’s no wonder that many innovative businesses leaving competition in the dust by tapping into this rich information source. Key use cases leveraging new media sources like social media include product opinions and reviews, customer and market profiling, brand monitoring and crisis management, recommendation engines that feed off of social user profiles, social customer service, and more.


Big Data is transforming advertising. Today, advertisers have an abundance of
consumer data that enables them to precisely target ads by product, message,
offer or virtually any other parameter. The objective? To get the right ad in front of
relevant, motivated consumers to build brands and grow sales.


The customer is king, and now with the power of Big Data technologies, companies can vastly improve customer satisfaction and increase customer understanding while also decreasing customer support costs. Data is both structured and unstructured, including voice data from support calls, web logs and clickstream data from online support portals, CRM sales and marketing information, email, text messages, and chat/IM. By combining these different sources, the support reps have more timely information at their fingertips, more inquiries are resolved online instead of in the call center, customer inquiries can be data mined at large scale, sales opportunities are identified for increased cross selling opportunity, etc.


Data Integration and Real-Time Analytics. Cloud::Streams is a scalable, distributed routing framework for data integration, collection, and streaming data processing. Due to its unique architecture and the Integration Connectors we’ve developed, Cloud::Streams lets you tap into virtually any data source you need, both internal and external.


Infochimps Cloud provides the Big Data infrastructure and expertise necessary to put data at your fingertips. In order to provide our market-leading data catalog of over 15,000 data sets and APIs, our team of data scientists and engineers had to create a uniquely powerful data system — able to ingest and deliver massive amounts of data that could run on-demand, resource-intensive analytics.


Your team recognizes the power that large-scale data analysis can provide, and Hadoop has become the de facto way to generate these insights. Whether in a public, virtual private, or internal private cloud, Infochimps puts the ideal Hadoop solution at your fingertips. Turn clusters on at a moment’s notice, scale and customize on the fly, and leverage tools that make Hadoop easier, like Pig, Hive, and Wukong™.