Success Stories

Major International Retailer Finds Insight in Their Own Data

Seemingly simple questions like “how many basic tees did we sell today?”, “what time of year do we sell the most leggings?”, or “what else has customer X bought and what kind of coupons can we send her?” are easy to answer when you have a single retail location and a small customer base. However, expand your operation to 200 worldwide brick and mortar retail stores, a robust e-commerce site, and a wholesale business, and connecting the dots can suddenly become a daunting, nearly impossible task.

With millions of transactions daily, spread across multiple disconnected legacy systems and IT teams, it feels impossible to see the full picture of the data. Finding the link in the total company sales, between in store and online sales, can lead to deep insights into customer behavior and overall company health, but often this information is so hard to pull together that the issue goes unaddressed. With the Infochimps Cloud, this retailer is able to bring together multiple streams of data into one interface that allow people from around the organization, from retail analysts to marketing managers to digital media analysts, to answer a variety of valuable and formerly unfathomable questions.