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Infochimps Updates Plug-and-Play Big Data Platform for the Enterprise

Gives Enterprises an Outsourced PaaS Solution for Big Data Needs, Including New Data Delivery Service and Real-Time Stream Processing Framework.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) August 07, 2012 – Infochimps, the leading Big Data Platform-as-a-Service provider for the enterprise, today announced updates to the Infochimps Big Data Platform, the company’s Big Data infrastructure solution for the enterprise. As a pre-built, managed and fully optimized solution, enterprises can get Big Data projects up and running in less time, for less investment and without hiring new talent. The system helps customers achieve real-time data analytics, cross-channel marketing campaign optimization, clickstream web analysis, and more.

“The Infochimps Platform is the fastest path for enterprises to start tapping the power of Big Data right now,” said Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO of Infochimps. “Running Hadoop clusters or performing real-time analytics doesn’t have to require expensive integration or specialists. The Infochimps Platform is a simple yet powerful approach for deploying Big Data environments and apps in the cloud, on-demand. We’re very proud of what is now a mature and fully-hosted enterprise offering.”

In addition to offering a fully hosted version of the Platform to its customers, Infochimps is releasing a re-imagined Data Delivery Service functionality that creates a more seamless integration to a customer’s existing data, as well as real-time stream processing and analytics capabilities.

“In the same way that a SaaS provider like lets you focus on improving sales, not managing sales system infrastructure, Big Data should feel the same,” explains Dhruv Bansal, Infochimps co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “Infochimps lets you focus on generating insights from data, not managing Big Data infrastructure.”

Success in today’s fast-paced enterprise environment demands data-driven decisions. To that end, it is critical that corporations have a robust, plug-and-play Big Data platform capable of quickly and seamlessly combining data streams to deliver data insights at scale throughout the organization — all for less than the cost of doing it in-house, speeding implementation by months.

“We love working with Infochimps and are, in fact, building an entire demographic, real-time dashboard based on their awesome metrics,” said Scott Hutchinson, CTO of “They have helped us identify key attributes about the real users participating in our campaigns such as gender, age, race, etc. That data is an extremely valuable add-on for our customer base.”

Key new features of the platform include:

Data Delivery Service

  • Based on the open source Apache Flume project
  • Integrates with an enterprise’s existing data environment and data sources with a combination of out-of-the-box and custom connectors
  • High scalability and optimization of distributed ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes, able to handle many terabytes of data per day
  • Provides scalable stream processing and real-time Big Data analytics — whereas Hadoop provides distributed batch analysis, Data Delivery Service provides distributed real-time analysis

Real-time, Data Streaming Framework

  • Users can use familiar programming languages like Ruby to vastly simplify performing real-time analytics and stream processing, all within the Infochimps Data Delivery Service
  • Extends Infochimps’ Wukong open source project, which lets developers use Ruby micro-scripts to perform Hadoop batch processing

Deploy Pack

  • Allows companies to do iterative and collaborative development of custom features, as well as the seamless deployment of those features into the production system when ready

Installation Kit

  • Our combined software package of everything needed to install the initial Infochimps Platform system, so customers achieve immediate insights while also gaining custom development ability
  • This includes the Deploy Pack, system and cluster configuration information housed by the Infochimps Ironfan tool, and all necessary login credentials

The Infochimps Platform is capable of executing on hundreds of data sources and many terabytes of data throughput, delivering scalability to any type and quantity of database, file system or analytics system.

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