Press Release

Infochimps Platform Launches Today, Delivering a Better Solution for Enterprise Big Data Management

Turn-key stack extends big data access, ensuring fast, flexible and affordable operations at scale.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 23, 2012 – Infochimps, the first open data marketplace and one of the leading repositories of data on the Web, today announced the Infochimps Platform, a scalable platform for enterprise-grade, heterogeneous Big Data environments. The platform is offered as both a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and an on-premise solution.

With the Infochimps Platform, enterprises are now able to build, manage and optimize their big data operations for less than the cost of doing it in-house, speeding implementation by months. The Platform offers a complete big data solution, including secure data delivery at scale, coordination of large distributed systems, access to elastic Hadoop resources and dependable storage enterprise organizations can trust.

Customers like SpringSense Runa, and BlackLocus use the Infochimps Platform to ingest data from legacy databases, data from the Web and from the Infochimps Data Marketplace. Volume, velocity and variety are the hallmark of today’s Big Data needs and yet most available stacks are either too homogenous, or are not reliable at true scale.

“Every big data challenge is unique. The Infochimps Platform is the glue that holds it all together regardless of the infrastructure you’re running, and helps you get the most possible value out of your investment,” said cofounder and CEO Joe Kelly. “We’re how you do big data right, whether you’re just getting started, or knee-deep in cluster management.”

The new offering is the first formal technology product from the Austin-based company.

Today, big data capabilities are in large demand, but the market is still in the early stages, with many homegrown technologies in use. Enterprises are having difficulty optimizing big data operations for peak efficiency. Increases in speed and decreases in cost are widely sought, by experienced and inexperienced organizations alike.

“Our customers generally fall into one of two camps,” said Dhruv Bansal, co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “Some have gone the do-it-yourself route so far and want to get better control of and visibility into their resources. They want more and better ROI. They need a jumpstart, and they need it now. Others are starting from the ground up with big data and need software and services help to get going very quickly, because time is money. But no matter who you are, the need for speed is always at the forefront. We save you months of time, and many thousands of dollars of hard cost.”

Infochimps is also launching its services offering with this announcement. Platform customers can now access the company’s world-class team of data scientists for custom projects, as well as training and support.

With the Infochimps Platform, customers can:

  • Easily manage large distributed systems. Customers can spin up clusters when they need them, shut them down when they don’t and never pay a penny more for processing time than what is actually needed.
  • Enjoy complete transparency into their data architecture. Infochimps Platform enables meaningfully better error detection and a shared understanding of performance that makes for a happy, coordinated team.
  • Give everyone in the organization access to Big Data insights. The powerful data system Infochimps had to create to provide the Data Marketplace is now available to customers. That includes best practices, support and cutting edge technologies and tools like Ironfan and Wukong.

“This evolution has been in the works for a long time,” said Kelly. “We’re proud of what we’ve built along the way, and now anyone can get access to our world-class technology stack. Our Marketplace and our Platform are a powerful combo. Enterprises want to mix and match internal data and external data — heterogeneous data sets and sources talking to each other. That’s where all the value is. We’re past the initial 1.0 phase of Big Data, which was just about getting everything on-line and running. The next phase is all about doing and getting more.”

The Infochimps Platform is available today with the following features:

  • Ironfan: The foundation of the platform. It simply and powerfully describes the architecture: stack component configuration, the machines they run on and how they connect. When the architecture needs to change or expand, Ironfan makes it a snap.
  • Schedulable, Elastic Hadoop: A full suite of data science tools, out of the box. Enjoy the power of Big Data analytics without the months of ramp-up time.
  • Data Delivery Service: A scalable transport system for legacy and existing systems makes getting data from point A to point B easily and without worry.
  • Database Management: Reliable monitoring, administration, and maintenance of the databases you need, whether HBase, Cassandra, Elastic Search, MySQL, or something else.
  • Real-time Dashboarding: An easy view into the stack for full transparency into the data.
  • In-stream data augmentation: An elegant way to give the data context while it’s being transported – saving time & money.
  • Integration with existing stacks: Make the move easy.