Press Release

Infochimps Launches Dashpot, an Analytics and Operations Dashboard for Big Data on the Infochimps Platform

Enterprise customers can now see into their real-time data running on the Infochimps Platform and interact with their systems through a simple graphical interface.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) April 09, 2012 – Infochimps, the first open data marketplace and a leading provider of tools, content, and operational expertise for big data infrastructure, today announced Dashpot for the Infochimps Platform, an easy-to-use analytics and operations dashboard that provides customers with a powerful suite of tools for business metrics and data visualization, cluster management and system monitoring.

Dashpot enables customers to easily capture and visualize data on the fly as it is being ingested by the Infochimps Platform through an in-stream decoration process powered by Infochimps’ Flume-based Data Delivery Service. The process helps users get insights in near real-time, and ultimately multiply the value of their data. Once fully ingested by the Infochimps Platform, Dashpot also gives customers full visibility and control of their Big Data stack all in one place helping them go from input to insight faster.

“We built Dashpot to dramatically increase the usability and management of the Infochimps Platform and help our customers see their data as it streams in. When users decorate their data with other sources, they can produce completely new insights that can fuel a new level of critical decision making,” said Joe Kelly, co-founder and CEO. “For example, a customer in the retail vertical is using the Infochimps Platform to capture real-time point-of-sale data. 60 seconds after a customer runs a credit card in a store, or gives their email address or phone number, their demographics have been fetched and they can be filtered and viewed in Dashpot. Being able to display real-time transactions with customer profiles, seconds after they occur, stands to change the game for the retailer.”

Dashpot’s key features include:

Business Metrics

  • In-stream Big Data visualization captures and displays business metrics on the fly
  • Augment your raw transaction data with data from the Infochimps Data Marketplace to have a richer picture
  • Enables quicker responses to changing business metrics and conditions
  • Ensures high quality information in the datastore
  • Designed to complement and extend an organization’s existing business intelligence and analytics tools

Cluster Management

  • Push button start and stop of clusters on the Infochimps Platform in the cloud
  • Provides simple Big Data system automation and management capability on top of Ironfan, Infochimps’ Big Data provisioning and configuration tool
  • Offers quick at-a-glance views into running servers and clusters
  • Currently supports Hadoop, Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, and Elastic Search clusters

Systems Monitoring

  • At-a-glance view of Big Data system performance, availability, and integrity on the Infochimps Platform
  • The Ironfan and Dashpot architecture makes it easy to integrate popular monitoring packages into the Infochimps Platform Big Data environment
  • Initially implemented with open source monitoring solution Zabbix

Dashpot sits on top of The Infochimps Platform which was launched in early 2012, enabling enterprises to build, manage, and optimize their Big Data operations for less than the cost of doing it in-house. The platform is offered as both a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) and an on-premise solution that can be implemented oftentimes months faster than building a custom, and usually costly, Big Data solution.

Together with Dashpot, the Infochimps Platform is the most usable, complete big data solution available. Dashpot provides the business intelligence organizations need and the Infochimps Platform takes care of the rest with secure data delivery at scale, coordination of large distributed systems, access to elastic Hadoop resources, and dependable storage enterprise organizations can trust.