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Infochimps Helps Infomart Reinvent its Media Monitoring Platform

Elastic Big Data Solution Helps One of Canada’s Leading Media Consultancies. . . Lead

AUSTIN, Texas – June 12, 2013 — Big data Platform-as-a-Service provider Infochimps announced today its role in helping its client Infomart, one of Canada’s leading media consultancies with more than 25 years in the media monitoring business, reinvent its media monitoring platform from a legacy infrastructure to an integrated cloud-based one. The move enables Infomart to combine real-time, near real-time and historical data for virtually unlimited analysis. Details of the project are chronicled in a case study in which Infochimps and Infomart discuss the reinvention. Infochimps CEO Jim Kaskade and Infomart Managing Director Jonathan Harris will also discuss these details in an exclusive, June 20 webinar.

“The project with Infochimps is not just a facelift – it’s a complete rethink of how customers are using the information we provide on our platform,” said Jonathan Harris, Managing Director, Infomart.

In a relatively short time, Infochimps completed the architecture that would enable Infomart to build its digitally-focused solutions, building a cloud-based infrastructure that uses:

  • Infochimps Cloud::Streams to pipeline data from Gnip, which funnels data from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other popular social platforms, as well as blogs and RSS.
  • Infochimps Cloud::Queries to enable advanced distributed text search, providing APIs that support even the most demanding ad hoc and interactive queries while eliminating the frustrations of large-scale database administration.

This enables Infomart to build an unlimited range of data-derived apps, and will allow them to continue to do so well into the future. The product has a broad set of capabilities, beginning with the ability to track and analyze buzz, tone, authority and other metrics that its clients need to build competitive campaigns.

Infomart has expanded the view it provides its customers from geography, gender and reach, to sentiment, authority, and publication-level information. Its data-rich media analysis reports feature thorough measurement, qualitative analysis and insights. Customers have ready access to graphs, charts and to-the-point analysis, in order to determine:

  • What brand chatter looks like in real-time, and how those conversations are affecting the brand;
  • Impact of the brand’s media coverage over a set period of time;
  • Message-related strengths and weaknesses;
  • Overall campaign performance and its impact on the brand, and insight to help refine campaign strategy and determine next steps;
  • Risks and opportunities surrounding the issues that affect the brand.

“By working with Infochimps, Infomart is doing much more than investing in a set of tools to boost its capabilities – it’s reinventing its business for Big Data,” said Joe Kelly, co-founder, Infochimps. “With the new infrastructure, they can create an unlimited variety of apps and scale to any need with endless possibilities.”

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Infomart, one of Canada’s leading media consultancies and a division of Postmedia Network Inc., provides integrated media monitoring services, research insights, brand solutions and corporate data to Canada’s best-informed organizations. With Infomart, clients get the insights they need, when they need them. Infomart helps clients easily pinpoint the most important stories affecting their brand and transform data insights into solutions designed to drive traffic and build revenue. For more information, please visit and follow @infomart on Twitter.