L2 Engineer

Job Title:

Cloud Operations – L2 Production Support Engineer

 Job Description:

This role offers the opportunity to work in the exciting cross-section between Dev Ops, Big Data, and client applications. We are looking for experienced sysadmins and cloud operations Engineer who want to help CSC’s’ existing customer base with their implementations of our Big Data platform.

Essential Job Functions:


  • Experienced Sysadmin
  • Experience working as administrator of complex, high machine-count installation
  • Experience working in Production Support Engineer role
  • Some programming experience required
  • Cloud operations experience preferred in Hadoop, Elastic Search, Storm, MongoDB etc
  • Craftsman and Problem Solver
  • Excels at thinking on their feet and handling unexpected high-stakes situations
  • Loves perfecting a system, taking it from ‘works well’ to ‘works every time’
  • Good collaborator, works well with little guidance and pulls in the right resources
  • Communication skills
  • Enjoys direct client interaction
  • Constructive — habitually finds creative solutions to blockers

Action Plan

  • Take over operational responsibility for our production customers
  • Collaborate with the core engineering team to decrease the operational burden and to pay down technical debt
  • Make cookbooks and configuration uniform and on lock

Results (metrics) at two months:

  • “Runlist” binder documenting regular support tasks and known common issues
  • Legacy clients upgraded to current platform infrastructure

Apply Now

If you want to be part of our team, please send a resume and details about why you would be excited to work at Infochimps to careers@infochimps.com.