Why Infochimps Cloud for Big Data

The modern era of Big Data promises to upend the status quo across organizations, from the CIO to the CMO, CFO, CEO and the boardroom. Companies are turning to a number of Big Data technologies as a new foundation for systems and tools capable of tackling the age-old challenge – turning data into growth and competitive advantage.

Big Data + Cloud = Infochimps Cloud

Some doubt that these new Big Data technologies will fuel change in such a way that we will mark this as the new era of data management. At Infochimps, we not only believe in the transformation occurring in data infrastructure, but we fundamentally believe that organizations can now turn data into value in timeframes and at costs that business executives have only dreamed about. We do this by combining the most powerful Big Data technologies with the most advanced cloud infrastructure.

Big Data Time-to-Market

We deliver insights within 30 days. Create your Big Data applications without the delays involved with hardware procurement, software installation and recruitment of Big Data expertise. Need the power of real-time, ad hoc and batch analytics to power your applications? Deliver on any size Big Data opportunity within the shortest timeframe. How can we deliver this commitment? It starts with understanding your business problem and linking that to the most powerful cloud ever imagined – the Infochimps Cloud for Big Data.

Any Volume, Velocity, Variety

Because of our three data analytics services, we provide so much more than Hadoop-as-a-Service. Want 20% of the solution to your problem? Hadoop is an excellent start. Want 100% of the solution? Infochimps Cloud handles data at any volume, velocity, and variety to power real-time, ad hoc, and, yes, batch analytics. Infochimps Cloud ingests data streams, simple or complex, using only the most advanced methodologies.

Use Your Existing Staff

Due to its ease-of-use, Infochimps Cloud turns your existing staff into Big Data experts. Why search for talent that doesn’t exist? The term Data Scientist has taken off because of its broad definition. It is one part hacker, one part analyst and a whole lot of curiosity. Allow us to turn your entire organization into curious problem solvers. In a matter of days, your entire organization becomes armed with the ability of making data come alive as part of your products and services.

Big Data Cloud For the Enterprise

This is not about solving small problems. This is not about analyzing sample data from a couple of sources. We are talking about operationalizing change into your business through the use of 100% of your data assets, plus external data such as social feeds. We are talking about Fortune 1000 enterprise use-cases. This means exabyte-scale problems, tens of millions of events per second, query-response answers asked of billions of data points. And we’re talking about having this at your fingertips with the same security, compliance and availability your enterprise demands.

Operationalize Any Big Data Application

Don’t just analyze data. You need to turn your data into revenue, which means that you must operationalize your Big Data. Simply put, with the Infochimps Cloud we focus on the end-result first – turning data into action. We then work backwards to connect this to the most powerful Big Data cloud solution to power your business. We can address any business use-case with our suite of cloud services: Cloud::Streams, Cloud::Queries and Cloud::Hadoop. Talk to us about requesting a demo of Infochimps Cloud.