iron-fanPowerful foundation for your Big Data stack

Ironfan, the foundation for Infochimps™ Cloud, is a systems provisioning, deployment and updating tool that is built from a combination of proprietary and open-source technologies, such as Chef and Fog. Ironfan automates not only machine configuration, but entire systems configuration to enable the complete Big Data stack including data integration, routing, storage, computation, monitoring, and more.

Ironfan removes the guesswork and complexity from building Big Data systems, taking deployment times goes from weeks to minutes. Instead of following long lists of manual processes and procedures, you just modify your Ironfan definitions, and then simple commands usher those changes into the appropriate systems. This enables rapid iteration of infrastructure systems, adding a critical tool to enable agile development by system administrators and data ops teams.


  • Cluster Automation coordinates entire clusters of machines, not just individual machines — allowing you to describe and maintain your entire stack at the system diagram level.
  • Service Discovery enables your machines to auto-wire themselves together, and underlying processes automatically discover and coordinate with each other.
  • Infrastructure as Code provides a simple, iterative, testable contract for how your system will function.


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