Command Center

Dashpot-graphicReporting and cloud management

With Infochimps™ Command Center, you get real-time visibility and management of all Infochimps Cloud services, applications and your data flows. Command Center is a lightweight monitoring and control dashboard that lets you peer into your streaming data in real-time, gain deep visibility into both individual machines and overall systems, and quickly start and stop functional units in your data clusters.

Command Center automatically collects data about your cloud environment and about all the distributed databases, applications and analysis tools. Applications you write can also interact with Command Center, feeding it business data that you can later visualize with easy-to-customize dashboards.


  • Peer into your real-time streaming data flows.
  • Start and stop machines with a mouse click.
  • High-level system monitoring dashboard that reveals CPU utilization, network I/O, disk utilization, and much more to support operations administrators, application developers, and data analysts.


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