Getting Started

At Infochimps, Big Data starts with a business problem — yours

We believe Big Data starts with understanding your business problem and ends with a completely automated and closed-loop data analytics process delivered by Infochimps Cloud. Certainly, Big Data is a set of new, disruptive data technologies. And, it is also a set of new, disruptive processes that can assist you in turning Big Data into new revenue. By developing and deploying your Big Data applications with Infochimps Cloud, you can reduce your time-to-value from 24 months to 1 month.

We work with our customers to:

  • Identify your top five business problems
  • Pick one based on revenue impact & political friction
  • Discover all the internal and external data sources (and their owners)
  • Architect the necessary analytics environment to fit your problem
  • Begin with a subset of your data
  • Explore and analyze all your data
  • Deploy your intelligent application with an end-to-end and closed-loop Big Data system
  • Move to your next application


We are a team of Big Data and cloud experts with years of experience working in different customer operating models, with different business objectives, and in a variety of technical environments. Our collaborative process empowers insights within 30 days. Through this process, we uncover the unique requirements of each enterprise and their corresponding applications. Request a demo today.

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