DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers

We are looking for a few DevOps Engineers to join our Engineering team to work with our big data architecture. If you have demonstrated the ability to keep large numbers of systems running, balance shifting concerns from many stakeholders, and learn three new things a day, we want to talk to you.

We are a world-class big data shop, with a unique approach and philosophy that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. We’re the authors of Ironfan, the premiere way to manage clusters in the cloud ( Our data pipeline uses technologies such as HBase, Elasticsearch, Storm, Kafka, and Hadoop. We’ve also developed tools of our own to make the ingestion pipeline run more smoothly, like a Ruby-based interface to Hadoop and a bulk loader for Elastic Search, that you can check out at

Areas of Focus

  • World-class automation: The Build Unbroken, full test coverage, repository versions pinnable, and cookbooks cleaned.

  • Roadmap Delivery: Significant new feature development on our big data platform.

  • Comprehensive visibility: Monitoring is fully in place, pervasive syndication of system metadata & state, logs are archived and searchable, etc.

  • Robust security: Carefully tuned perimeter access control and processes.



  • True DevOps

    • A passion for using code to marshal, provision, and maintain infrastructure

    • An effective polyglot, with Ruby, Java, and openness to new programming skills

  • Day-to-Day Operations

    • Discipline to perform the mundane, daily checks to ensure the build doesn’t break, the templates are accurate, and the logs are rotated

    • A craftsman’s passion for quality

    • Doesn’t withdraw into infrastructure – must keep the customer and developers in mind, tolerate and encourage change

  • Coder

    • Balance the need for uniformity and the ‘andon cord’ with the need to support a vast and varied infrastructure

    • Must love shipping code prodigiously and iterating on feedback

    • Capable of fire-and-forget delivery from functional specs

Apply Now

If you want to be part of our team, please send a resume and details about why you would be excited to work at Infochimps to

For more information, see these job descriptions online:

Senior DevOps Engineer: 1300N2U

Senior DevOps Engineer: 1300MVG

DevOps Engineer: 1300N3Z