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Download zip code data by radius or by state. Both report types include the following information for each ZIP Codes within the radius: ZIP Code, postal town name, county, state, type of ZIP Code, enclosing ZIP Code, and the distance between the center point of the ZIP Code and the center point of the radius.

Reports also include USPS delivery counts for each ZIP Code, including: total residential delivery count, multi-family delivery count, single-family delivery count, PO Box count, and business delivery count.

Enhanced Reports with Demographics include the following ten demographic values for each ZIP Code with a delivery area: Average Household Income, Median Household Income, Median Home Value, Percentage Home Ownership, Population, Population Growth 2000 to 2009, Population Density, Percentage of Households with Children, Hispanic Percentage of Population, Population Age 55 and older. Demographic data is current for 2009.

Report Delivery: Reports are in provided in Microsoft Excel (.xls) format. Reports are delivered via email within one business day.

Maponics Reports and Data help you focus on places that matter most to your business.

Reports and Data include geographic and demographic data that enables you to effectively:

  • Target direct mail or telemarketing campaigns to areas that meet the right demographic profile
  • Locate or relocate businesses to high potential areas
  • Define sales territories
  • Improve operations and logistics

Available in coverage areas that relate directly to business locations and markets, each Report and Data product lists average/median household income, population and population growth, households with children, Hispanic percentage of population, population age 55+, and more.

The ZIP code reports help to plan direct mail campaigns across a single state or larger region with reports that include delivery counts.


  • Save Time: Projects are simplified when you have access to all of the ZIP Codes for your state in one easy to use file.
  • Plan Direct Mail Campaigns: Delivery count information (but not mailing addresses) is included, making this list ideal for planning direct mail campaigns.
  • Delineate Territories, Organize Logistics: Delivery counts tell you the number of households, businesses, apartments and single family homes in each ZIP Code.
  • Immediate Delivery: Reports are available for instant download upon ordering.
  • Enhanced Report Discounted With Map: Save $10 on this report when you order it with a ZIP Code map of your state.