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A stock quote API for historical stock quotes from the NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ from 1962 – 2011, including daily open, close, low, high, exchange and trading volume figures. Each query to the API returns stock quotes across those fields in chronological order.

Sample Results:

open 16.1
adj_close 8.41
close 16.82
high 16.85
symbol AAPL
date 20011010
exchange NASDAQ
volume 10991400
low 15.95

Use stock quotes to create an interactive tool for your users or customers. Conduct technical analysis, stock price trend research, or valuation analysis. Track dividend payouts for various asset classes and sectors to understand market trends spanning the last five decades.

Try adding a social component to the equation to understand the relationship between market movement and social media. For example, Twitter users will post the convention: $[TICKER SYMBOL] or $$ in a tweet to discuss stock quotes, companies, and other information relevant to the financial industry. See if social media has had any impact on stock quotes and the exchange of financial information.

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